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Raw carrot juice is delicious and alkalizing for your body. Carrots are loaded with live enzymes, and carotenes that fight cancer, improve eyesight, and cleanse toxins from the liver. Excellent source of vitamins A, C, E and K and most of the B vitamins for a bonus! Carrots are rich in the alkaline-forming mineral calcium, which helps to strengthen your bones and teeth.

Carrot Juice  – Plain and Simple You can make yourself a plain carrot juice by putting some carrots through your juicer or spruce it up with some apples, lemons and ginger (my favourite). Explore your taste buds and treat them to deliciously fresh made juices.

Or try this recipe from Reboot with Joe.

Double Citrus Carrot Juice

4 carrots
4 celery stalks
2 oranges
2 lemons

1. Wash all ingredients.

2. Peel the orange and lemon.

3. Add produce through juicer and enjoy!

Carrots – sweet potato, golden beets, beets, pumpkin
Celery – zucchini, celeriac, cucumber
Orange – tangelo, pink grapefruit, mandarin
Lemon – yellow grapefruit, lime

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tanya1Tanya Morrison has been in the Health/Wellness and Fitness Field for over two decades. She is the creator of the Busy Mama Detox which is a 12 week program that runs in January, April and September of each year. To find out more about this life changing program check out the testimonials and information at www.busymamadetox.com. Tanya also teaches many different classes at Move Your Body Studio in Bobcaygeon, www.moveyourbody.ca and has written Healthy Snacks for Kids, Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans & Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing & Blending. You can get your PDF copy here

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The Science of Skinny Cookbook by Dee McCaffrey


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