Mar 192015

raspberry water in vitamix (4)What does a delicious nutritious smoothie taste like?

Monday March 23rd from 11:30am-12:30pm

Retirement Suites of Kawartha Lakes

Complimentary smoothie sample

What’s all the buzz about consuming smoothies…..

• Pure nutrition – get a dose of vitamins and minerals using the whole vegetable or fruit

• A super source of long lasting energy

• Low in calories but very filling

• Helps you to lose weight, fight hunger and cravings

• Easy to digest

• Keep your hydrated

But what do they taste like?

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to even know where to start, but let today be the day that your taste buds dance in joy at the pure delight of one Tanya’s nutritious and delicious smoothies made especially for YOU! Try a Strawberry Shortcake or a Healthy Chocolate Frosty.

First taster is complimentary. Tanya will be blending these divine smoothies just for you.

She’s been in the health field for over two decades and walks her talk. To find out more –

Want to pre-order a smoothie, let me know or 705-887-4605

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