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What is beneath your sugar and caffeine cravings?

When you desperately feel like you need a cup of tea or a cup of coffee or some sort of sugar (it doesn’t mean dipping your hand in a bag of skittles, it could, but it also means wanting bread, pasta, muffin, cookies, chocolate, sweets, alcohol, pop, juice and anything that is calling your name that has sugar in it)

What are you feeling? Are you tired, stressed, frustrated, feel like you deserve a reward, etc. Label it and own it.

Sit with it & feel it in your body. Listen to your mental chatter? Are you trying to make deals with yourself?  Just a little bit. No one will know. Who I am kidding, I can’t do this. Does it matter if I only have a little bit? I didn’t have any yesterday. I’ve been good. I have a headache and feel jittery – I’ll just have a bit to take the edge off. I need the caffeine to keep going. I’ll just have a small one? I really can’t live without it. I don’t want to deal with the detox symptoms. I’m never not going to have sugar or caffeine again, so throw in the towel and give in.


First of all, when did we all have to be SUPER BUSY MAMA’s? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul? Because that’s what you are doing when you give into sugar and caffeine when you are needing it to pump you up. To keep you going. To satisfy a craving.

But it stops NOW. Put it down. It doesn’t have to be forever but if you are using it inappropriately or fueling yourself with it when you are not hungry…STOP.

Sit with what you are feeling. You may need to take some things off of your plate if you are running around being a crazy Busy Mama.

Is it time to have a look at what you’re doing in your day-to-day life? Is it time to build in some rest and relaxation into your week? If you are hyped up on sugar and caffeine, I believe the answer is YES. This is a warning flag because if you keep going you will end up with adrenal fatigue or something of the sort. And being an UNHEALTHY MAMA is not your goal.

The next time you’re reaching for caffeine or sugar, STOP. BREATH. FEEL what you are feeling. Open yourself up to being completely conscious and aware of this present moment. That’s where you start.

After you are completely aware and present you can make a conscious decision about what your next step is, rather than reacting to an unconscious habit loop that has been playing out.

What is your next step?

Can you work through the craving by having a nap, taking a few deeps breaths, going for a walk in nature to center yourself, do a few stretches to get the blood flowing?

Or will you shift away from sugar and caffeine by implementing one of these choices – dark piece of raw chocolate or homemade raw treat or cup of herbal or dandelion tea?

Will you recognize the symptoms of die-off? (when you are really trying to stop eating sugar but it feels like you want more than ever – that’s part of die off). I’ve learned to take these supplements to help kill off the bacteria that are SCREAMING for you to keep feeding them sugar. You can check out the supplements that I have used.

I look forward to hearing from you throughout your adventure.

Healthy Hugs, Tanya

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