May 222016

Why my kids don’t have a cell phone

My kids don’t have a cell phone, because frankly, they can’t afford it. As a parent this is an excellent teaching tool. As you’ve read in my previous blog, Why my kids get $40 a month”, I am teaching my kids how to save and manage money. A cell phone with a monthly bill is a great example of what it would feel like when they buy a car, or a house. It’s not that I can’t afford to buy them a phone, it’s that I want them to understand what it feels like to buy it themselves, save up for the monthly plan, etc.

Expanding further upon, “Why my kids get $40 a month” post, this is an amazing & invaluable teaching tool.

Regarding the cell phone saga (trust me, they have been on me to buy them one because ALL of their friends have one), we have spent the last year looking at phones together, researching different plans that they could get and how they can save the 6 months of money (they must have a 6 month base to cover the phone so that they don’t fall behind on payments) needed before they purchase the phone and the plan. It’s helping them not to act on emotion to buy something immediately. It’s teaching them to sort out what they really want. Last summer they could have bought a phone but they spent money on their scooters – their choice and incredibly empowering.

A cell phone may seem like a small and trivial item but it isn’t about the cell phone. The bigger picture is taking ownership of earning their own money, saving it and then purchasing items that are of value to them. As a parent I am forever thankful that my dad taught me this lesson when I was a child and I wanted to “gift” this to my children. The gift of financial freedom is priceless.

So as my children head out into this world and get their first credit card, they will have had 8-10 years of learning how to manage their money, how to save for what they want, what it feels like to receive their statement in the mail and know that they can pay their balance in full with gratitude. It also teaches them how to control their purchases – as we live in a world of plastic and we are losing touch with holding money in our hands – plastic removes you from the moment because it’s super easy to just “charge it” …anyway, that’s a whole other blog.


Does this inspire you to teach your children to manage their money? I’d love to hear from you and any tips that you use.

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